Dr. Emily Lovell is an OSPO Incubator Fellow at UC Santa Cruz. Her research and teaching use novel domains to invite broader participation in computing, with her postdoctoral work focusing on newcomers to open source. Emily previously served on faculty at Berea College, where she developed and taught courses on open source contribution and computational craft. She has also co-taught physical computing workshops at a variety of venues domestically and abroad, including outreach programs, design schools, museums, and festivals. Motivated by a desire to make e-textiles more accessible, Emily designed a low-cost, pre-programmed sewable microcontroller known as the LilyTiny โ€“ which is open source and has been commercially available as part of the LilyPad Arduino product line for ten years now. She has a S.M. in Media Arts & Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz. Emily lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her rescue pup, Daphne.