Sarthak Chowdhary(Shaburu)

Sarthak Chowdhary(Shaburu)

GSoC Contributor | Student at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, VJTI, Mumbai | Product Manager at Purplle | Entrepreneur

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute

Google Summer of Code

Shaburu, Sarthak Chowdhary is a student pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication from VJTI, Mumbai. Shaburu has been running a Marketing Agency AutoFocus since grade 11. During the first year of Engineering, Shaburu took up the role as the Student Brand Manager for Red Bull and managed various shows, events and marketing campaigns. Shaburu also led various technological campaigns that required the use of electronics and software. As well as Delving into the Mixer reality space to create various campaigns from 3D Simulations to instagram filters to Games to Digital menus that are being used in over 20 plus campuses and much more. Shaburu was awarded at the Annual Red Bull conference in 2023 for their exceptional performance. Post Red Bull they became and Undergraduate researcher under the guidance of their Head of Department for SLAC National laboratory Accelerator organization.

He also runs various YouTube channels in different niches from Tech to VLOGs and has amassed over 300K Views and 1k Subscribers.

Shaburu also creates instagram filters in their free time and has amassed over 13Million impressions.

Currently Shaburu is focused on building an AI Video generator that creates videos in the style of Famous directors like Wong Kar Wai, Tarantino and more. With the main purpose being to show that AI Content doesnt have to feel soulless. They recently got accepted in the BuildSpace Season 5 which is a cohort for like minded Builders to build projects they’re passionate about and get starter grants for their projects.


  • Lead Author, “Advanced Mushroom Cultivation Habitat For Space Growth As A SuperFood” ASCE Earth and Space Conference, 2024 held at FIU, Florida