How to add a new project idea to OSRE

Instructions for adding/updating a project

A project serves as the context for one or more project ideas. Each project is represented as a web page with project information and ideas. Projects and their updates are subject to review of the OSRE administrators.

  • Preferred method (via git):
    • Fork git repository
    • Create content/project/osre24/ORGANIZATION/PROJECTNAME directory or copy it from previous year’s content/project/osre23/ORGANIZATION/PROJECTNAME
    • In that directory create/update and the project’s image (featured.png or featured.jpg)
    • In fill in the frontmatter (see example):
      • Add the project’s title in title:,
      • Date the project entry with date: and lastmod:, using the format YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2022-05-27. Note that projects dated in the future will not display.
      • Include a list of authors:, using either names in quotes or user names (see below for instructions on how to add user names)
      • IMPORTANT: set a list of tags that include "osre24" and either "uc" or "reproducibility" or both, depending on whether your project has a mentor affiliated with a UC campus or associated national lab (LBL, LANL, LLNL), or is a Summer of Reproducibility project. Feel free to add additional tags.
      • Below the frontmatter start with a description of the project and include links to the project’s webpage.
      • Add each project idea with level-3 header, i.e., ### ... and add a list of essential information that includes topics, skills, difficulty, size (175 vs 350 hours), and mentors.
      • Every mentor should at least have a mailto: link. Better yet: add the mentor using the instructions below and use the shortcut {{% mention "USERNAME" %}}. There should be at least two mentors per project idea.
    • Make a pull request and email OSRE Admins (currently: Stephanie Lieggi, Carlos Maltzahn).

If you are unable to upload via git please email OSRE Admins (currently: Stephanie Lieggi) for other options

Instructions for adding a mentor

Mentors are welcome to add information about themselves (see example):

  • Preferred methond (via git):

    • Fork git repository (or combine with pull request of adding/updating a project above)
    • Create /content/authors/USERNAME directory.
    • In that directory copy an file from another user and update it (see example)
      • Many icons are available (see documentation)
      • IMPORTANT: Under user_groups: add either - University of California Mentors or - Summer of Reproducibility Mentors (or both).
      • The short bio and any other information goes below the frontmatter.
    • Make a pull request and email OSRE Admins
  • Or email OSRE Admins

    • Include name, title, affiliations, email, short bio, whether you are UC or Summer of Reproducibility mentor (or both), and, optionally, photo, web page and social media links.

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