Sponsor Open Source Research Experience

Sponsorships will support open source research contributors

Is your organization looking to better utilize open source and want to support projects that directly benefit your work?

Does your company want to strengthen the talent pipeline able to work on technologies essential to your organization’s success?

Do you want to collaborate with innovative open source projects being developed by University of California researchers?

The UC Open Source Research Experience (OSRE) offers your organization the chance to participate in projects that can help your development cycles run faster, benefit from wide collaborations, and help support workforce development in domains your organization needs.

To become a sponsor, fill out the Sponsorship Interest Form. You will be asked to indicate the level of sponsorship you would like to fund and the open source projects you are most interested in engaging with.

Overview of Program

The OSRE includes University of California-based open source projects covering multiple disciplines. Our mentors, who are faculty and researchers from throughout the UC system, have provided a list of project ideas that will be the basis for the OSRE student’s work.

Launched in 2020, the Open Source Research Experience program has developed into a marketplace for open source project ideas that matches students to mentors, and engages sponsoring organizations to fund and participate in open source based summer internships. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source as a way to engage with communities spanning industry and academia.

OSRE mentors have posted their project ideas for undergraduates to review and help them create proposals for the summer. Industry partners and other outside sponsors can sponsor OSRE summer student funding and indicate their interest in particular projects.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Collaborating on innovative project that are of strategic interest to your industry;
  • Supporting the teaching of open source techniques to a wide range of student contributors;
  • Interacting with the next generation of open source leaders and up and coming talent; and
  • Recognition as an OSRE Sponsor at the Open Source Research Symposium (Fall 2023)

OSRE Sponsor Levels

Bronze$3,750 (covers 50% of one student stipend for summer)
Silver$7,500 (covers one student full-time for summer)
Gold$15,000 (covers two students full-time for summer)
Table: OSRE 2023 Sponsorship Levels

Becoming a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is easy! Fill out the Sponsorship Interest Form or reach out to the OSRE Admins by April 20. Information requested by the form include: name of contact person, level of sponsorship, and projects you are most interested in (if applicable.) The OSRE Admins will follow up with next steps for finalizing the sponsorship process.

Stephanie Lieggi
Stephanie Lieggi
Executive Director of OSPO, Executive Director of CROSS, UC Santa Cruz
Carlos Maltzahn
Carlos Maltzahn
Retired Adjunct Professor, Sage Weil Presidential Chair for Open Source Software, Founder & Director of CROSS, OSPO

My research interests include programmable storage systems, big data storage & processing, scalable data management, distributed systems performance management, and practical reproducible research.