LAST: ML in Detecting and Addressing System Drift

Hello! I am Joanna, currently an undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University. I will be working on ML in Detecting and Addressing System Drift, mentoring by Ray Andrew and Sandeep Madireddy over this summer. Here is my proposal for this project.

This project aims to build a data analysis pipeline to analyze various datasets, both system and non-system, that have shown notable changes over time. The goal is to understand the characteristics of these datasets(specifically drifts), evaluate the efficacy of Aging Detection Algorithms, and identify their limitations in computer system tasks.

I am excited to meet everyone and contribute to this project!

Joanna Cheng
Joanna Cheng
Student at Johns Hopkins University

Joanna Cheng is an undergraduate student majoring in CS and Applied Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University