Reproducibility in Data Visualization

Categorize Differences in Reproduced Visualizations

Hello everyone!

I’m Triveni, a Master’s student in Computer Science at Northern Illinois University (NIU). When I came across the OSRE 2024 project Categorize Differences in Reproduced Visualizations focusing on data visualization reproducibility, I was excited because it aligned with my interest in data visualization. While my initial interest was in geospatial data visualization, the project’s goal of ensuring reliable visualizations across all contexts really appealed to me. So, I actively worked on understanding the project’s key concepts and submitted my proposal My proposal can be viewed here under mentorship of David Koop to join the project.

Early Steps and Challenges:

I began working on the project on May 27th, three weeks ago. Setting up the local environment initially presented some challenges, but I persevered and successfully completed the setup process. The past few weeks have been spent exploring the complexities of reproducibility in visualizations, particularly focusing on capturing the discrepancies that arise when using different versions of libraries to generate visualizations. Working with Dr. David Koop as my mentor has been an incredible experience. Our weekly report meetings keep me accountable and focused. While exploring different algorithms and tools to compare visualizations can be challenging at times, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn cutting-edge technologies and refine my problem-solving skills.

Looking Ahead:

I believe this project can make a valuable contribution to the field of reproducible data visualization. By combining automated comparison tools with a user-centric interface, we can empower researchers and data scientists to make informed decisions about the impact of visualization variations. In future blog posts, I’ll share more about the specific tools and techniques being used, and how this framework will contribute to a more reliable and trustworthy approach to data visualization reproducibility.

Stay tuned!

I’m excited to embark on this journey and share my progress with all of you.

Triveni Gurram
Triveni Gurram
Graduate Computer Science student at Northern Illinois University

Triveni is pursuing masters in computer science at the Northern Illinois University. She is interested in data management and visualizations, cloud computing, and machine learning models.