Reproducibility in Data Visualization

Investigate Solutions for Capturing Visualizations

Hello! My name is Arya Sarkar and I will be contributing to the research project titled Reproducibility in Data Visualization, with a focus on investigating and coming up with novel solutions to capture both static and dynamic visualizations from different sources. My project is titled Investigate Solutions for Capturing Visualizations and I am mentored by Prof. David Koop.

Open-source has always piqued my interest, but often I found it hard to get started in as a junior in university. I spent a lot of time working with data visualizations but had never dived into the problem of reproducibility before diving into this project. When I saw a plethora of unique and interesting projects during the contribution phase of OSRE-2024, I was confused at the beginning. However, the more I dived into this project and understood the significance of research in this domain to ensure reproducibility, the more did I find myself getting drawn towards it. I am glad to be presented this amazing opportunity to work in the Open-source space as a researcher in reproducibility.

This project aims to investigate, augment, and/or develop solutions to capture visualizations that appear in formats including websites and Jupyter notebooks. We have a special interest on capturing the state of interactive visualizations and preserving the user interactions required to reach a certain visualization in an interactive environment to ensure reproducibility.My proposal can be viewed here!

Arya Sarkar
Arya Sarkar
Founding Engineer @ Docunexus Inc.

Arya is a ML engineer and researcher specializing in working with text data and LLMs. He has also published his work in multiple journals and is an advocate for Engineering for Sustainable Development.