Reproducing and benchmarking scalability bugs hiding in cloud systems

Hello there!

I am Shuang Liang, a third-year student studying Computer and Information Science at The Ohio State University. My passion lies in cloud computing and high-performance computing, areas I have explored extensively during my academic journey. I have participated in various projects and competitions, which have honed my technical skills and deepened my interest in distributed systems.

As part of the ScaleRep: Reproducing and benchmarking scalability bugs hiding in cloud systems, my proposal under the mentorship of Professor Yang Wang and Bogdan “Bo” Stoica aims to tackle the critical challenges posed by scalability bugs in systems like Cassandra, HDFS, and Hadoop. These bugs can lead to severe operational issues such as system downtime and data loss, particularly as systems scale up.

The project goals include systematically analyzing and documenting scalability bugs, developing protocols to effectively trigger and quantify the impact of these bugs, and creating reproducible artifacts and detailed investigation scripts to aid in bug analysis.

Our project will involve rigorous bug report analysis, reproduction of scalability bugs, and a comparative study of system behaviors before and after bug fixes. We aim to develop methodologies that enhance the reliability and performance of large-scale distributed systems, providing valuable insights and resources to the open-source community.

Stay tuned to explore the future of reliable and scalable distributed systems!

Shuang Liang
Shuang Liang
Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Shuang Liang is a undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. He is interested in High-performance Computing and Distributed Systems.