Enhancing User Experience Reproducibility through TROVI Redesign

Hello! My name is Alicia Esquivel Morel, and I’m a graduate research assistant at the University of Missouri – Columbia, pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. This summer, I’m working on a project to improve user experience reproducibility through a redesign of TROVI, as part of the Summer of Reproducibility (SoR) program. Excited to be working with two fabulous mentors; Kate Keahey, and Mark Powers.

Research Reproducibility with a TROVI Redesign

Researchers constantly face challenges replicating experiments due to limitations in current tools. TROVI, a platform designed to facilitate experiment replication, can be hindered by hard to follow interfaces and difficulties integrating code and data. This leads to confusion and frustration.

My SoR project tackles these issues by redesigning TROVI to enhance user experience reproducibility. Imagine a user-friendly platform where uploading code, sharing data, and collaborating with colleagues becomes effortless.

The Redesign’s Goals

  • Enhanced User Experience: Inspired by user-friendly platforms like Google Colab, we’ll simplify TROVI’s interface for intuitive navigation and ease of use.
  • Uploads and Sharing: Uploading code and data, as well as collaborating with researchers are key goals. Integration with platforms like GitHub will further streamline collaboration.
  • Continuous Improvement: A built-in feedback loop will allow users to provide input and suggestions, ensuring TROVI constantly evolves based on user needs.

The Road Ahead

We’re at the beginning of the redesign process. In the next blog post, I’ll describe the project’s specific goals and the deliverables you can expect.

Stay tuned to see how TROVI is built for reproducible research!!

Alicia Esquivel Morel
Graduate Research Assistant - PhD Student, College of Engineering - University of Missouri at Columbia

Alicia is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Missouri, Columbia - USA. She pursued her master’s as a Fulbright Scholar, and is currently working towards her PhD in Computer Science. Her research interests include, cloud computing, drone video analytics, simulation, and emulation environments, and zero trust paradigm. She has also been working with various NSF-funded testbeds including Chameleon Cloud, [FABRIC] (https://portal.fabric-testbed.net/), [POWDER] (https://powderwireless.net/), [AERPAW] (https://aerpaw.org/) and [ARA] (https://arawireless.org/), migrating simulation experiments to real world use-cases and infrastructures.