Causeway: A New Approach to Web Development Teaching

Scaling Situated Learning via Micro-Role Hierarchies

As part of the Causeway team, my proposal under the mentorship of Professor David Lee aims to enhance web development education through situated learning.

Causeway addresses shortcomings in current online coding tutorials by offering a comprehensive approach to web development using an Angular, RxJS, NgRx, and Firebase stack. By breaking down the complex task of creating a website down into discrete chunks (micro-roles) and tracking individual progress, students can be assured they are acheiving their desired learning goals. With this project, our team hopes to demonstrate the potential of sitatuted learning โ€“ tacit knowledge picked up within a real-world context โ€“ instead of content-based learning approaches used in sites like Khan Academy and Coursera.

Over the course of this summer, we plan on reinvigorating the pre-existing v1 platform through the addition of new features such as dashboards, quizzes, and in-depth walkthroughs of new potential projects for users to implement. The platform will also leverage the Stackblitz WebContainer API and Firebase Cloud Functions to run full applications in the browser for interactive and secured learning.

Audrey Ostrom
Audrey Ostrom
Alumni of UC Santa Cruz

Alumni at University of California, Santa Cruz