Hardware Hierarchical Dynamical Systems

Building an efficient Tree Data Structure used commonly in Hardware Compilers with Benchmarking for Scalability.

As part of Micro Architecture Santa Cruz (MASC) my proposal under the mentorship of Jose Renau and Sakshi Garg aims to develop a tree data structure under HHDS to replace the current one offered by LHTree

The tree data structure is to be optimized for typical AST traversal and queries. Some queries that are made to this tree are much more frequent than others. Thus a flattening policy will be used to optimize the tree for these queries, at the potential cost of becoming slow for the infrequent queries. The tree will be benchmarked for scalability and performance and is expected to outperform the current version of the tree. Once the implementation is complete, the tree will be integrated into the LiveHD core repository.

Ujjwal Shekhar
Ujjwal Shekhar
Undergraduate Computer Science student at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Ujjwal is pursuing a Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science with M.S. by Research in Computational Natural Sciences at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. He is currently an undergraduate researcher at the Centre for Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, IIIT Hyderabad. His research interests include Non-Linear Dynamics, Machine Learning and Computational Physics. He enjoys participating in sports programming contests and is actively involved as a coordinator for the programming club at IIIT-H. In his free time, Ujjwal enjoys playing table tennis and badminton.