HDEval: Benchmarking LLMs that Generate Verilog/Chisel Modules From Natural Language

Hi everyone!

I’m Ashwin Bardhwaj, currently pursuing a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I was recently involved in a project to implement a secure hardware encryption enclave in Verilog. That’s why I was excited to work with the MASC group to evaluate how existing generalized LLMs (such as ChatGPT 4 or StarCoder) can generate accurate Verliog/Chisel code from English and assist in the hardware development process.

As part of Micro Architecture Santa Cruz (MASC) my proposal under the mentorship of Jose Renau and Sakshi Garg looks to create a suite of benchmark programs for HDEval.

The deliverable of this project is to create multiple large HDL benchmarks along with a respective set of prompts. Using yosys to implement Logic Equivalence Check, we are able to prove through formal verification that the generated code will exhibit the same behavior as the benchmark. In addition, we can also consider the performance and resource utilization of the generated code as a metric.

Ashwin Bardhwaj
Ashwin Bardhwaj
Undergraduate Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student at University of California, Berkeley

Ashwin is pursuing a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.