Unveiling Medicine Patterns: 3D Clustering with Polyphy/Polyglot

Visualizing 3D medicine embeddings using Polyglot and PolyPhy

Hello! My name is Ayush and this summer I’ll be contributing to Polyphy and Polyglot, a GPU oriented agent-based system for reconstructing and visualizing optimal transport networks defined over sparse data. under the mentorship of Oskar Elek and Kiran Deol.

For the reference here’s my proposal for this project.

Polyglot offers an immersive 3D visualization experience, enabling users to zoom, rotate, and delve into complex datasets. My project aims to harness these capabilities to unlock hidden connections in the realm of medicine, specifically focusing on the relationships between drugs based on their shared salt compositions, rather than just their active ingredients. This approach promises to reveal intricate patterns and relationships that have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery, pharmacology, and personalized medicine.

In this project, I will create custom embeddings for a vast dataset of over 600,000 medicines, capturing the relationships between their salt compositions. By visualizing these embeddings in Polyglot’s 3D space, researchers can identify previously unknown connections between medicines, leading to new insights and breakthroughs. The dynamic and interactive nature of Polyglot will empower researchers to explore these complex relationships in a very efficient and cool way, potentially accelerating the discovery of new drug interactions and therapeutic applications.

I am really excited to work on this project. Keep following the blogs for further updates!.

Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma
GSoC Contributor, LFX mentee, Data scientist @Medlr

Ayush is a Data Science enthusiast and Open Source Contributor with extensive experience in developing advanced ML models for healthcare and pharmaceutical research. He leverages deep learning and machine learning techniques to enhance medical diagnostics and data analysis. Previously an LFX mentee, he is now a contributor to Google Summer of Code.