Developing an Efficient CMS for Polyphy Project

Improving Data Management and Increasing Social Presence

Hello everyone,

My name is Mohit, and I am currently a sophomore at NIT Jalandhar. As part of the Polyphy project’s team, I am determined to make data management much easier for everyone involved. My project also aims to increase the project’s social presence.

As part of the PolyPhy my proposal under the mentorship of MENTOR aims to …. You might wonder, why create a new CMS when we could use existing solutions like Strapi, Contentful, or WordPress? The answer lies in the specific requirements of our project, which I’ll cover in a separate blog post about the selection of the tech stack and code architecture.

Returning to my programming journey, while the CMS is a significant part of the project, it also includes refactoring existing React code and migrating it to Next.js, among other cool tasks. The first two weeks of my project were primarily focused on this. Now, I am shifting more towards the CMS development.

How did we start? Initially, we created a curated list of essential features needed, through discussions with my mentors. They ensured that I wouldn’t face the burden of unnecessary features, focusing instead on what was truly beneficial for both me and the project. I began by experimenting with various WYSIWYG editors such as React Quill, Tiptap, Draft.js, and Slate.

By the end of this week, I successfully created a small working prototype of the CMS. As the coding period progresses, things are beginning to take shape, and I am really excited about creating something that will help people in the long run.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

Mohit Goyal
Mohit Goyal
Student at National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar

Mohit is a passionate full-stack developer dedicated to creating projects that solve problems