LLM Assistant for OpenROAD - Data Engineering and Testing

Enhancing the user experience with Conversational Assistant

Hello! My name is Aviral Kaintura, and I will be contributing to OpenROAD, a groundbreaking open-source toolchain for digital integrated circuit automation (RTL to GDSII) during GSoC 2024.

My project, LLM Assistant for OpenROAD - Data Engineering and Testing, is jointly mentored by Indira Iyer and Jack Luar.

The aim of this project is to develop a chat assistant to improve the user experience with OpenROAD. My focus will be on developing a well-curated dataset from OpenROAD’s knowledge base. This dataset will be fundamental for another project led by Palaniappan R, which involves building the chatbot’s architecture. It will be used for training and validating the model and ensuring efficient context retrieval to generate accurate user responses, aiding in troubleshooting, installation, and other common issues to reduce the maintainers’ workload.

In addition to dataset creation, I will be working on testing and evaluation. This includes developing metrics for model evaluation, incorporating both human and automated techniques.

Our human evaluation framework will utilize chatbot feedback for valuable insights, enhancing the model and dataset. An automated batch testing application is also used to further enhance the evaluation process.

Here is an early build of the evaluation framework.

By leveraging advanced data engineering and testing methodologies, we aim to build an assistant that combines high accuracy with optimal response times. Additionally, we will collaborate with research teams at NYU and ASU to contribute to the research on AI-based chat assistants for electronic design automation.

I am thrilled to be part of this journey and look forward to making a meaningful impact on the OpenROAD project.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

Aviral Kaintura
Aviral Kaintura
Student at National Forensic Sciences University, Delhi Campus

Aviral Kaintura is an undergraduate student at National Forensic Sciences University, Delhi Campus and currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering with Specialization in Cyber Security.