Summer of Reproducibility

Past Summers of Reproducibility: 2023

Quite a few conferences are now offering awards for reproducibility artifacts. This encourages authors to produce reproducibility artifacts. There is great potential for using these artifacts not only for validating research results but also as teaching tools in classrooms and as baselines in research labs. Making producing and using reproducibility artifacts easier can significantly accelerate the rate of insights. The Summer of Reproducibility gives summer students the opportunity to help out in this cutting-edge effort and acquire valuable skills related to reproducibility. The Summer of Reproducibility (SoR) is a collaboration between the Open Source Research Experience (OSRE) organized by the OSPO UC Santa Cruz and the REPETO project. SoR provides support for undergraduate and graduate students contributing to open source research efforts. The goal of the program is to help make computational research efforts reproducible. REPETO is funded by the NSF FAIROS RCN program and is a collaboration of Kate Keahey, U Chicago (lead PI), Haryadi Gunawi, U Chicago (co-PI), Carlos Maltzahn, UC Santa Cruz (PI), and Fraida Fund, NYU Tandon (PI).